Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hot diggity dog, a (not very) Valentine's Day post

Gluten free looks so different when it is for your kid. For myself each day is filed with denying myself glutenous yummies as others around me gorge on. But when it comes to my kid, the one who didn't want to have school lunches until he found our they are so much better than what his parents make (read: less healthy), I try to make gluten free magic.

Each day I send in substitutes for the glutenous parts of his hot lunch. One day I sent a whole cold lunch. Hand selected and compiled with love. Fresh baked gluten free bread, perfect porportions of his loved hard boiled eggs mixed into a salad, uniformly sliced peppers and apples, all identical to mine as I was joining him that day. He ended up spending all of lunch eyeing the mixed fruit and veggies the other kids had on their trays, which were totally gluten free anyhow.

So for today's lunch, corn dogs, I found myself making something very out of line with my typical cooking habits. Not corn dogs (I wasn't going to fry the beasts!) But an equivalent in the form of corn dog muffins.  Thanks to Facebook for keeping us oh so informed, I now know that hot dogs have been recently classified as carcinogenic, so I felt a tad guilty, but I weighed the pros and cons and decided it was worth Boo being able to enjoy his lunch while still eating gluten free with ingredients I had hand chosen. Next up? Popcorn (diced) chicken, gf style.

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