Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Three Ways FitBit Misses the mark big time for Attachment Parents

I have wanted a FitBit forever. Actually, I have wanted a FitBit since before FitBits were around. Back when Jawbones had just come out, Self Monitoring was something strange only heard about on NPR features, and I was trying to beat my old records on Daily Feats with my first edition smart phone. 

When The Ogre asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I spelled it out and lo and behold this is what I unwrapped: The FitBit Flex.

I have worn it for a slight twelve hours and so far this is what I have to say:

FitBit DOES NOT Understand Attachment Parenting!

1. We Carry Our Kids
Fit Bit tracks how many steps I take and adds calories burnt. I had to put in my weight and height in order to assist FitBit with this function. It is ten A.M and I am about 40% through the recommended 10,000 steps for the day. However, FitBit fails to recognize that a good 3,000 of those steps were done while carrying a child. And while my toddler may fall low on the charts, many API babies are roly poly butterballs of breastfed goodness, which leads me to my next complaint:

2. Yes, They are STILLLLLL Breastfeeding
Have you been around Attachment Parents? There is a lot of boobage going on in this crowd! I would love to see some breastfeeding stats for this group but, suffice it to say, full-term breastfeeding is the norm. Breastfeeding tends to continue through the 2nd, 3rd and even up to the 5th year (and beyond in some cases). Which means we need extra calories to maintain our weight, something FitBit doesn't seem to consider. Oh, and breastfeeding doesn't stop for anything! Which leads me to the third failure:

3. We are already Sleep Hacking Experts
We have been hacking our kid's and our own sleep since birth! FitBit, you may think I am sleeping, but what you don't know is I have learned to wake without moving. There is a toddler under my arm, my spouse is sandwiched up to my back, the cat is on my head, and another kid could be using my leg as a pillow. As I am not a glutton for punishment I will never be the first to move. Those 13 wakings you tracked last night? Though the number surprised me (last night was what I would call a "good" night of sleep) I know, based on the times marked, you missed several of my non-stirring wakes, but that's okay, so did everyone else in the bed!

****Please note, while I did notice these incongruencies for how the FitBit FITS with my lifestyle, I do like the device overall. I don't really expect the device to take all of my lifestyle choices into account and figure, no matter what your lifestyle is, the FitBit probably exhibits some faults. Well then, time to go log some more steps, Goodbye!*****