Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There is more than one way to be HOT!

With gardens exploding this time of year and so many fresh vegetables at the farmer's markets and supermarkets, my family finds ourselves making lots of stir fries. 

We like our stir fries with a little bit of a kick. The Ogre and I prefer more of a kick than the kids, so I keep a bottle of hot sauce in the fridge in order to kick it up a notch post serve. 

As a coupon queen, I have procured a number of bottles of Tabasco Sauce for a good price, but find they don't add much depth to the flavor. I was pleased to be given a bottle of  Chef Cristiane's Brazialian Gourmet Hot Sauce. Here was the depth I have craved. Let's compare the ingredient list of Tabasco's Original Red Sauce: 
Distilled Vinegar, Red Pepper, Salt, 
Chef Cristiane's:
Apple cider vinegar
tomato paste
extra virgin olive oil
malagueta peppers
cane sugar
and spices.

For the sophisticated palate, the choice is simple to make between the two.

And for the frugal folk, remember, hot sauce like Chef Cristiane;s Gourmet "I'm Hot" Sauce is a great substitute for chili powder, red pepper flakes and regular pepper in recipes.

Tonight I made a high rated simple stir fry from All Recipe's. It called for red pepper flakes which I could substitute with the hot sauce. Of course I also flexed in snap peas for the carrots since my crisper drawers were overflowing.

What do you look for in your hot sauce???

***I received this bangin' hot product for free in exchange for my unbiased review***

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  1. your uncle is a hot sauce connoisseur...he looks for HOT in hot sauce, we have about 15 varieties in the fridge.